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    [heading size=“3″ heading_class=“content_heading“]Hair styling [/heading]

    Beautiful, healthy hair and a great style is a trademark for Hairdresser. Professional work, relaxed environment and awesome attention to details and your needs defines us.

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    [heading size=“3″ heading_class=“content_heading“]Make up[/heading]

    Affordable professional make up will certainly put you in the spot. We welcome you to a complimentary face massage to relax yourself before we make your beauty stand out and shine.

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    [heading size=“3″ heading_class=“content_heading“]Nail art[/heading]

    At our salon you get a full treatment. Professional nail art with the newest all organic material practices will make your nails the main talk at any party. Grab the attention at a special price.

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    [heading size=“3″ heading_class=“content_heading“]Hair products[/heading]

    All organic products at affordable prices with a free consultation to make your hair even healthier are available at our salon and online from our Hairdresser woocommerce shop.

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    • ÜBER coiffeur33

      Der Salon von Coiffeur33 liegt mitten in Köniz, gleich neben dem Steinhölzli-Märit.

      Der Salon wird geführt von Prisca Andreoli.


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    • info@coiffeur33.ch

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